Is the paypal app safe

is the paypal app safe

I can understand your confusion so I will clarify somethings: Ignoring that there can be a phishing scam here, the developer is probably using. I was surprised to see that there are some businesses that accept PayPal. The coffee shop around the corner from my wife's work was one of. It's as safe and secure as accessing your account through a desktop browser. Most apps like PayPal or banking apps are really just mobile.

Is the paypal app safe - 2011

What happens if somebody spends money from your PayPal account without your permission, or if you pay for an item that never arrives? It seems the alternative is a "Real Merchant Account". Only, that WOT scorecard link above also includes a Whois option, and following that I see that the Whois for www. Credit Karma for iPhone Credit Karma's iPhone app lets you see your credit report and score whenever you want, updated as of Information Security Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for information security professionals. I suppose the root of my concern is the phishing scam that you start off by ignoring. If you get an email with a link to PayPal, well, maybe it's not a link to PayPal. is the paypal app safe


PayPal, Venmo and Money Sharing Apps – Are They Safe?



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